Thanks to Massimo for helping with the English version realization! 
5. Amy, the Doctor and Vincent are fought off the crime scene.
6. The group runs away, chased by a stones' rain.
7. The Doctor runs away from an (almost) invisible monster!
5. Another location hard to find: for some reason, I always avoided it! I succeed in identifying it only in the latest days, using the city map (Trogir is a maze!). When at last I got there, I asked for confirmation to a girl who works in a nearby pub, who also told me that the cast and the crew were accomodate in Hotel Tragos, a few steps away.
6. The way is taken up by a restaurant. In the evening, in August, it is very crowded: perhaps that's why it was so hard to be recognized (and tables and nautical decorations didn't help so much!).
7. Once I found it, I discovered with pleasure the same location had been used at least another time in the episode. I think it was used to represent the typical Arles' street, as the area around "the staircase of kiss" represents Venetian alleys. However, unluckily, my attempts to see where the Tardis landed were frustrated. I belive it must have been a place nearby, but I could not find it (for not sufficient data!).
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