Thanks to Massimo for helping with the English version realization! 
1. The opening shot shows a cat quietly lying in the street (not really quietly, judging by the position of its ears). The Tardis' noise disturbs him and he runs away.
2. Amy and the Doctor walk around Arles examining a catalog of Van Gogh's works. They are in search for a pub portrayed in Cafè Terrace at Night (1888), where they hope to find Vincent. Searching for "Van Gogh's Cafè", I also walked down the same road with a picture of the same pub; (it's just that I did not have a catalog, like Amy, but my trusty Nintendo DS). Curiosity: nowadays, the 'original' cafè in Arles was really renamed "Van Gogh's Cafè' and painted in yellow to resemble the painting (source: Cafè Terrace at Night on Wikipedia).
3. The Doctor, Amy and Vincent drink some wine talking about a certain church nearby...
4. A woman breaks into the room and announces the discovery of a girl's corpse. The tragedy begins! Only looking at this shot I finally convinced myself it was indeed Pantana.
1. Also in August, when streets are full of tourists, by walking around Trogir you can see a lot of cats. I love cats, so I took pictures of many of them. For the same reason, I like to think that -as in the beginning scenes of Vampires- the opening shot is a tribute to Trogir (and to its 4-legged guests!)
2. Cafè is just few steps from the Cathedral Square, where several shots of Vampires of Venice were taken, so we can easily imagine Amy and the Doctor fleeing away from Calvierri palace to reach 'Van Gogh's Cafè' (and enjoy a bottle of wine). The door in the foreground (on the left) is without the blue frame (added for the episode), but has actually an Art Nouveau-like decoration (perhaps a bit too modern, compared to Van Gogh's, but good for the 'French' atmosphere!). Where the pub was rebuilt there is an ice-cream shop (I had a coffe and an ice-cream, on two different occasions, while asking about filming). It has been used only for external scenes: to find the internals, I had to walk for another while... (and I needed help as well!).
3. Here I am inside "Van Gogh Cafè", shyly touching the table where Amy, the Doctor and Vincent sat (at least, I like to think so!). This location was absolutely the hardest to identify... And together the easiest to be found! It's located in Pantana area, three kilometers away from Trogir, inside an ancient fortified mill, well restored and used as restaurant. I went there (walking, twice!) for The Vampires of Venice, because I knew they shot two scenes over there (Isabella's and Signora Calvierri's "plunges"). The first time it was a rainy day, so I was the only customer. The owner was very nice and told me many things about the filming. Among others, she said they shot the "French Cafè scene" and showed me the table where the Doctor, Amy and Van Gogh were. I thought a lot about it (watching on DS too) but without being able to find it (a shame, I know!). She took the phone and called her daughter, who confirmed, adding that it was the new series. They were both right, obviously, but at the time I thought it was the next season (spoiler! Vincent's return!). She took anyway some pictures of mine and then, back to the hotel, I watched again Vincent and found the truth! Easy to find, hard to recognize!
4. On the left, in the foreground, you can catch a glimpse of the door through which -in another time, in another place- Signora Calvierri and her court went out. The restaurant owner told me other people came to Pantana to see where Doctor Who was filmed. They were families from UK (I was the first Italian) and children took a lot of picture, excited (exactly as I did).
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