Thanks to Massimo for helping with the English version realization! 
23. Looking for the secondary control hub, the Doctors discovers a strange rope hanging down the bell tower. Is the solution set higher than this?
24. The Doctor seen from the top, throught the grate in the middle of the belfry. Bells begin to ring, making a unbearable noise: they must be stopped! Curiosity: while the Doctor runs up the stairs, the camera starts to shake violently, allowing us to see some metal steps, a bit too modern for the 1580 Venice (I'd never noticed it, if I had not checked the shot frame by frame, searching a picture for this page).
25. The doctor desperately clings himself to the clapper, to stop the sound of the bell!
23. And here is the inside of the tower! During my staying in Trogir I found a lot of locations, but this was the only one which found me... and I was totally unprepared! Maybe that's because I feel a bit dizzy, but I did not think the climb was so exposed! I admit I had enough troubles in taking pictures in those conditions. I did this one when I came back down in order to commemorate the event (only later I discovered the Doctor was stopped exactly where I placed the camera!).
24. The belfry is not too huge, but its openings are large enough: a great hole in the middle of the floor was just what I needed in those conditions! I did not dare get closer than this. While I was stumbling around, I thought to BBC's cameramen: I hope none of them suffered from vertigo (and the same goes for the Doctor, as we'll see!).
25. When I was in the belfry, a distant bell began to ring. People who were there started watching each other, until one dared enough to ask aloud what we were all thinking of: "Isn't this one going to start ringing, is it?". I was more worried than the others, because I knew it would be unbearable: I had seen it! Nothing happened, but at that moment I strongly thought about the Doctor.
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