Thanks to Massimo for helping with the English version realization! 
10. Amy and Rory enjoy the tour in the Venice of the past, taking some pictures too, like perfect time-tourists. Unluckily, their moment of calm will not last so long.
11. Guido tries again to meet his daughter Isabella, this time presenting himself straight at the palace's main gate. Meanwhile, the Doctor enters unseen from the side gate (where, in the real world, you pay the ticket to visit the Cathedral).
12. Failed any attempt to save Isabella, the poor girl prepares to become food for fish (alien fishes, to be exact).
13. Isabella proudly declares to be Venetian, right before one of the guards throws her in the water.
10. St. Peter's Church is just around a corner from Hotel Fontana, where I stayed. The portal, very recognizable, quickly became an important landmark, useful when I got lost in Trogir's maze of streets. Here I'm trying to copy Amy's pose, held back by inevitable presence of the tourist who took the picture for me (no funny faces, for example). This picture brought to the reception guy's mind some memories of filming time: in general, he said they were all very nice and worked a lot, from dawn till late afternoon.
11. The frame of this picture was totally unexpected. I asked a tourist to take a picture of me in front of the main Cathedral's gate, but she, after a first shot, changed idea and made this one. At the time this shot seemed to me quite useless, but then I noticed a visible detail of the building which, in the total sight from the lodge, had been almost entirely replaced by its digital counterpart (see picture n. 4).
12. I didn't have a boat to take a picture of Pantana from the water, so I stitched three pictures together with free-software Hugin (obviously I didn't have a wide angle either). It worked quite well (on Ubuntu 9.10) and the final picture needed only a small editing with GIMP. Comparing the two images, it is clear that the ancient mill needed a lot of digital work to become a side of Calvierri Palace: building's wings were raised and decorated with a frieze similar to the Cathedral's one (see picture n. 4). As further "Venetian touch", some gothic windows were added too. Above the door you can see St. Mark's lion, symbol of Venice. Similar relieves were in Trogir, too, but they were destroyed during the Fascism, as a reaction to a slogan which proclaimed that wherever there was a winged lion, there was Italy. Pantana was used for both episodes filmed in Croatia: the door from which Isabella comes out leads inside "Cafè Van Gogh" (Vincent and the Doctor, picture 4)!
13. My fourth day in Trogir was one of the most amazing ones. After three days of locations hunting, I thought the best was definitely already seen. The only "important" place which I still wanted to find was where the crew shot the explosion's scene (which I could never locate). My only guess was Kamerlengo Castle: the boy at the reception, whom I asked some information, didn't know anything about it, but watching Confidential (on DS's screen!) he too thought at the castle, so I went there. As soon as I got in, it was clear to me that was not the right place: I anyway visited it with pleasure. At the exit I tried to ask the girl who worked there, to whom meanwhile a boy was added. Neither of them knew anything about the explosion's scene, but the boy told me about Pantana and the famous "girl's plunge". I replied I had already visited the old mill and he revealed... he was in the show! He was the "bad guy" who trew Isabella in the water. I honestly did not recognize him, but watching again the scene it became clear that it was him (despite the fake beard!). Curiosity: the girl at the entrance (who took the picture) told me I was speaking a very good English, despite being Italian. I thanked her, adding that my English was actually very poor. She didn't deny it, but repeated that my English was all the same very good, "since I was Italian..."! In the afternoon, as we'll see, a new surprise was waiting for me, hidden in the Cathedral's tower. I knew they shot some outdoor scenes (in particular the one of Signora Calvierri on the balcony), but I didn't suspect they shot inside as well (neither that it was so vertiginous, I admit!).
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