Thanks to Massimo for helping with the English version realization! 
7. Francesco turn his back on his mother and leaves the palace angry, because Signora Calverri refused his proposal to capture new girls, instead of waiting they come spontaneously to the school.
8. Amy and Rory, alone for the first time, walk around the "impossible city". They start to have words with each other about recent events, but stop immediately. No pair of lovers can fight in 1580's Venice!
9. Francesco, still angry for mum's refusal, is going to begin his hunting.
7. Town hall's courtyard was one of the first locations I found. The building overlooks the same square of the Cathedral, on the side occupied by the water in Vampires (on the right, facing the lodge). Getting inside, the courtyard looked much smaller than I expected, but I could not say why: it was just a feeling. Back to the hotel, I watched again the scene, to find out they simply used a wide angle! Like in lodge's shot, using a lens instead of another completely transforms a scene. It's something you can read in any manual of photography, but seeing the real location after the filming, gives you a weird sensation. (Photo taken with a self-timer: wide angles are quite rare in amateur cameras, so the contrast between the two images is clearly visible).
8. Viewing holiday's photos, I noticed I shot a lot of passages before this one: the problem is that Trogir is full of covered passage and at some point they seemed to me all the same. At last, when I found the right one, I was particularly proud of it! The sequence is interesting because camera follows the characters slowly, allowing us to take a look at "Venetian" alleys. In addition to the inevitable photos, I also filmed the path from Amy and Rory's point of view (but looking back, at the end, so I could see Francesco, lurking on the top of the stairs!). Actually, I made this quick shot because I was not too sure about having located Francesco's stairs on the map, so I decided to check it later, calmly (I began to get tired and when I am tired I can not take any decision: I shot the path three times, walking each time at a different speed, because I was not sure what was the "right" one!).
9. When I asked to another tourist to take a picture of me at the top of the stairs, I was a bit embarrassed. In order to justify my interest in that particular corner, I felt the need to explain him it was used as a location in a TV series which I liked. I also showed him the exact frame on DS's screen, both to convince him about the fact I was not crazy (probably achieving the opposite effect) and hoping this way he would take a better picture (this is why, in the photo, I still have the DS in my hand). Later, when I filmed the path to be sure I could find again the location, everybody seemed to want to photograph those stairs and each of my three shots ended in the middle of a different group of enthusiastic photographers!
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