Thanks to Massimo for helping with the English version realization! 
4. The Doctor faces a balcony overlooking a typical Venetian canal. In the background, we see Calvierri girls leaving the palace. So we discover that Calvierri's main front opens on to a square, but at least one side is on water. This is important in episode's development (both metaphorically and because water entrances will be used repeatedly to sneak into the palace). The gate through which the Doctor will enter for his first unofficial visit is also clearly visible.
5. Amy and Rory reach the Doctor and admire the 1580's Venice (actually, Amy admires Venice, while Rory is understandably lost in his thought).
6. The Doctor meets Guido for the first time and asks him about Signora Calvierri's girls. Why does a parent try to take away his daughter from town's most prestigious school?
4. Beach umbrellas in the water! The most obvious "digital magic" is the flooding of the Torgir's main square, but it's not the only one: even the building in the background was almost entirely rebuilt (but the chimney is original!). I think that editing in this shot is particularly persuasive. How could they "cut out" the people in foreground, in order to add water behind them? Working frame-by-frame? At first, I thought they had covered the square with a large blue or green towel, but watching the Confidential I didn't see anything like that... and they could not cover the whole building in background, anyway! I also like the cut of the shot, which alone can transform the Cathedral in a quite credible palace (my picture's cut, instead, shows how difficult it was to convince other tourists to take a centered photo, when I could not use the self-timer!)
5. Comparison between episode' picture and the photo show how much a place con be transformed even without any digital editing. Not only the bas-relief and the plate in the background disappeared, but the whole space changes as well. I think they had shot the scene from afar, using a telephoto (this time, beach umbrellas blocked the view, so off-centered picture is not photographer's fault!). In any case, the lodge is really perfect to give an idea of facing the water (and this is the second one which enters the scene: in Trogir they had to be particularly lodge-lovers!)
6. We meet, for the first time too, a recurrent location of Vampires. Here Rory will have his moment of glory fighting with Francesco Calvierri. In the background, we have a preview of "the staircase of kiss" (spoiler!). I think the place want to feature as "tipical Venetian alley". Another recurrent "hidden" location is in Vincent (the "tipical Arles' alley", obviously). This locations are "hidden" not only because they tend to go unnoticed watching the episode, but also because they were quite difficult to find... and they are "recurrent" because, after I found them, I went there very often, congratulating myself for the discovery! The picture was taken with the self-timer (I could not avoid the wall in foreground).
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