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Trogir, winter 2009. Doctor Who's cast and crew are in the Croatian town to shoot two new season's episodes (the first with Matt Smith in the leading role): The Vampires of Venice (5x06) and Vincent and the Doctor (5x10). According to Doctor Who Magazine, "this is the longest foreign shoot so far for the show"1. Started Monday November 30th, shootings will end on December 13th: two weeks during which the small town of Trogir will be featured not only as Venice (Vampires) but also as Arles, Provence, France (Vincent)!

Varallo, summer 2010. A Doctor Who's Italian fan (me) is searching for his holiday destination, when he recalls the article about Trogir previously read on DWM. Beautiful sea, wonderful architectures and a lot of Doctor Who's locations: what more can you ask for? The quest is over! (The alternative was Potsdam, near Berlin, home of the world's oldest studios, but sea conditions were not clearly so good).

Trogir, summer 2010. A lonely tourist (me again) walks around Trogir watching the screen of his Nintendo DS and taking pictures at the weirdest sides of the town. In order to find the highest number of location, I indeed converted the episodes (and their Confidential) into DPG, DS native video format. The secret is in the organization! All photos are taken with the camera I got from my sister as a present for my birthday (thank you Sara!).

Varallo, summer 2010 (back home). During the week I spent in Trogir (3rd-10th of August), I found many places where outdoor scenes were filmed. Indoor shots were harder to discover (does anybody know where is the Calvierri's main hall? Is it in Trogir? I couldn't find it anywhere!). The experience was very interesting, so I thought to share here my 'findings'.

However, quite surprisingly, locations were not the only reason of interest for a Doctor Who's fan in Trogir. Talking with locals about the show was even more interesting! I loved it so much! When I left, I didn't think about it, but visiting Trogir in August 2010, when memories of shooting was still recent, added a special meaning to my holiday. I stayed in Hotel Fontana, where leading actors of the series were changing costumes, and dined in Restaurant Fontana, where other actors where changing themselves (and keep in mind that my last name is Fontana!). Hotel Tragos, where cast was accomodated, was just around the corner. People I spoke to, said Doctor Who's cast and crew were very nice, fact that, I must admit, made me happy. I discovered that talking about the show was an excellent way to get a smile! Do you remember Tatjana Ciciliani, the supporting character from Trogir interviewed in A brush with genius? Do you remember her enthusiasm? It was really true! I saw the same emotion in many local people who were on site when the episodes were filmed! I also met the "bad guy" who threw Isabella in the water (quite appropriately, he was working at Castle Camerlengo). He was still proud of the experience (poor Isabella!). He was very nice as well, so I took a photo with him ("He's my fan", he explained to his colleague... and he was right!). I hope that these pages can catch a bit of those days' enthusiam.

1. DWM 422, 23 June 2010, p. 38

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